Cast - In His Mind


Calling All Actors & Dancers!

This is the casting page for Belgrade's first large scale immersive theater production. This was inspired by New York City's "Sleep No More" and "Then She Fell" both hugely popular and successful immersive stories. Our story is centered around Jack the Ripper and our own version of his life. Join us and be a part of something completely new and different than any other production in the city.

Please read the casting roles listed below here to get an idea of who we are looking to hire. All interested actors & actresses please send your CV to and please send us some videos of your previous work (acting or dancing)

If you are applying for a specific role please state that in your email. Thank you and good luck!

-The Green Room Productions Director

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper (Ages 30-40)

Jack the Ripper (middle age) As an adult, Jack has given into his dark nature brought on by a horrific childhood. Though he is intelligent he has a morbid fascination with murder and a particular grudge against his mother.

Role: We are looking for an actor who is well versed in interpretive dancing as he has no speaking roles as his actions are communicated silently. Being able to communicate through facial expressions and dance is a must.

Nora (Jack’s Mother)

The family matriarch. She is a high society lady. She is troubled by the fact she had a stillborn child named Rose. She blames Jack for her death incoherently because he had broken a family heirloom the day the baby was due. A very superstitious woman she believes Jack’s breaking of the heirloom was a bad omen that was responsible for the stillborn child.

Role: This actress will need to be able to dance & act. English proficiency is a must, preferably someone who can imitate an accent or doesn’t have a strong Slavic accent when they speak English. There are some slight erotic scenes the actress should be comfortable doing.

Rose (Imaginary Childhood friend)

Rose (Imaginary Childhood friend)  (Age 14-18. If around 18 will need to be able to pass for younger)

Rose is Jack’s sister who he still believes is alive even though she has been dead for years. Rose is sometimes very sweet to him and others in his life and other times is very dark and vicious.

Role: This actress will primarily need to be able to act. Priority will be on English speaking skills here. She has only one dance scene at the end.

Dr. Silas (Family Doctor)

This doctor has been trying to treat Jack’s problem with schizophrenia with a combination of hypnotic substances. His interest in these subjects borders on obsession and he is not held in high regard publicly. He also regularly supplies Nora (Jack’s mom) with his experimental substances.

Role: We are looking for someone primarily for acting. English speaking proficiency is a must. He has only one group dance scene at the end.

Cora (Dead Escort)

Ages 16-28

A call girl, Cora has been servicing the alleyways and less serious parts of Whitechapel since she was a teenager. Jack’s obsessive interest in her started when he saw her servicing a client in the alleyways of Whitechapel as a teenager. He has since kept meticulous notes in his diary about her comings and goings.

Role: This role will be primarily focused on dance and body movements. There are some slight erotic scenes with her so the actress should be comfortable with that.


(Age 17-30)
The Doctor’s assistant, who has an inappropriate level of affection for young Jack and vice versa. She is a very naive girl and thinks the very best of people. She is blissfully unaware of Jack’s abuse at the hands of Dr. Silas and Nora (Jack’s Mother)

Role: This actress will mainly be doing dancing scenes. The actress will need to be able to effectively express emotions with their face.

Jack the younger (teenager)

(Age 15-18, Needs to look younger)

Jack is a troubled youth who is constantly running away from home due to the terrible abuse of his mother and passive acceptance from his father. His mother in addition to verbally abusing him and occasionally beating him also allows the family doctor to run experiments on Jack due to his habit of speaking to an imaginary friend named Rose.

Role: This actor will mainly be focused on dancing and body movements as well as being able to express emotions with their face well.