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In His Mind

The Origin Story Of Jack The Ripper Told Unlike Any Before

Welcome to "In His Mind" - a unique immersive theater experience set in the heart of Belgrade, featuring a two-floor stage that the audience can fully explore as well as a speakeasy cocktail bar.
"In His Mind" is the story about history's most infamous serial killer- Jack the Ripper. It is highly visual and full of surprising twists and turns the audience will delight in the plays provocativeness. The play is set in an old house in Vracar from the early 1900s which has been designed in a Victorian and steampunk landscape.

The Audience will be able to go through all three floors of the house and interact with the play's actors and actresses in delightful or mysterious ways. Witness the aggressive and brutal nature of Jack the Ripper coupled with his diametric romance for his lover Eleanor communicated through the spoken word and modern dance. Audiences will also be able to sip our speakeasy themed cocktails and watch live Jazz & other musical performances before and during the play.

Inspired by Sleep No More in New York, experience something that will become Belgrade's most well-known event for visitors and residents alike. Where the audience can and will participate in the play themselves! In His Mind has the power to make you the audience feel like you are part of the experience.

Featuring an international group of actors from France, California & Belgrade this multinational project will WOW you and will be the must-attend event of Belgrade this year. The play is a 100% written original by joint American & Serbian writers and will continue to evolve and change as time goes on leading to even more exciting stories to be shared in the near future.
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